Using the knowledge and experience of our staff we have been involved in design-build projects in conjunction with a design team as required by our customers.

There are a wide variety of insulation materials, facings, and accessory products available for use on mechanical systems. The list changes continuously as existing products are modified, new products are developed, and other products are phased out. As a Design-Build consultant our task is to select the products or combination of products that will satisfy the design requirements at the lowest total cost over the life of the project. This task is not easy. In most cases, as the designer, we find there are a number of products or systems that will work, and the final choice will depend on cost, availability, or other considerations such as ease of use.

Some categories of insulation material we would consider are cellular, fibrous, flake, granular and reflective.

Some of the physical properties of the insulation material we would consider are use temperature, thermal conductivity, density, specific heat, thermal diffusivity, alkalinity of pH, comprehensive resistance, flexural resistance, linear shrinkage, water vapour permeability, water absorption, water vapour sorption and wicking.