At AW-NRG safety is a number one priority. Training, management commitment and employee participation in our safety programs is essential. This is accomplished by employing a dedicated individual to track training, certification and first aid to ensure all requirements are met and up-to-date. AW-NRG is heavily invested in:

  • Development, implementation and maintenance of a safety program to prevent injuries and disease in the place of employment,
  • Ensuring properly functioning and well maintained equipment, employee knowledge of safety procedures and use of safety equipment, and properly planned and implemented work processes, projects and maintenance procedures,
  • Provision of instruction to workers in the safe performance of their duties and adequate supervision to ensure that safe procedures are followed.
  • A full-time, dedicated Health and Safety Coordinator with Level 3 First Aid Qualifications that will help us implement our stringent safety program to ensure our employees, visitors and guests are safe.

WCB - Alberta COR-Certified 

ISNetworld Compliant